General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Valid for tourist groups (guided tours and museum eduational projects) at all sites of the Vereinigte Domstifter zu Merseburg und Naumburg und des Kollegiatstifts Zeitz. 

These General Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between the customer and the Vereinigte Domstifter zu Merseburg und Naumburg und des Kollegiatstifts Zeitz for tourist groups at the sites in Merseburg, Naumburg and Zeitz. The customer accepts these terms and conditions when placing an order.

Ordering and entering into a contract
The customer sends a request in written form (letter, fax, email, contact form) with their intended visiting date and the requested guided tour or activity to the visitor centre of Merseburg or Naumburg Cathedral. Booking enquiries for the Chapter Library of Zeitz should be sent to the visitor centre of Naumburg Cathedral.

The guided tour and/or activity should be booked in writing at least one week before the requested date. The customer receives a written order confirmation. The contract between the parties is concluded at this point.

The option to reserve a visiting time, guided tour or activity requested verbally shall lapse after a period of 7 days. Following this period, the visitor centre shall be entitled to offer the relevant slot to other customers.

Group sizes
The maximum group size for tour groups is 25 persons. In the event of a group of 26 or more, the group must be split. Exceeding this limit is only possible in exceptional cases following consultation with the visitor centre.

In regard to school groups or other groups of children, the maximum group size is 25. Where the group contains fewer than 10 people, then the price for 10 participants will be charged for museum educational activities as a fixed rate. Each group must be accompanied on site by at least one adult (e.g. a teacher) throughout the entire length of the guided tour or activity.

Group behaviour
Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted at any sites of the Vereinigte Domstifter zu Merseburg und Naumburg und des Kollegiatstifts Zeitz.

To take photographs within the cathedral buildings, a permit must be purchased at a cost of 2.00 euros. Photos and videos may only be taken for personal use. Distribution to third parties or commercial use is not permitted, except with written permission and subject to a contract entered into with the Vereinigte Domstifter.

The touching of any elements of the historical buildings and works of art, plus any items in the library and archive is strictly prohibited.

Dogs may not be brought into any of the sites of the Vereinigite Domstifter. An exception to this rule is made in the case of guide dogs for the blind or service dogs, e.g. trained police and rescue dogs.

On confirmation of booking, the customer accepts the valid entry prices, guided tour surcharges and activity costs. The audio guide is included in the general admission price (excluding a guided tour). Please note that during busy periods there may be a short wait for audio guides due to their high demand. All admission prices, guided tour and activity costs are VAT-exempt in accordance with section 4 no. 20a VAT Act (UstG). A detailed overview of prices can be viewed in the corresponding websites of the Vereinigte Domstifter.

Each tour group with an advance booking (15 or more paying customers) shall receive free admission and participation in a guided tour for a maximum of 1 tour group leader and 1 bus driver. The discounted group price for admission is valid for groups of 15 or more.

Each school group or other group of children booked in advance (up to 25 persons) shall receive free admission or free participation in an activity for a maximum of 1 teacher and 1 other accompanying person. All additional accompanying persons will pay the relevant activity price or school admission price. Where materials are used, the relevant costs will also be charged.

The contract can only be cancelled in written form. Verbal cancellation is not permitted. Cancellations made more than 5 days before the confirmed visit date will not incur a charge.

Cancellations within the four days leading up to the booked date will incur a cancellation fee of 40 percent of the guided tour/activity costs charged (minus material costs).

Where an activity or guided tour is cancelled within 2 days of the agreed date, a cancellation fee of 80% of the agreed tour/activity costs (minus material costs) will be charged.

If the group does not turn up at the agreed date and time despite not cancelling its appointment, the price of admission and any tour or activity will be charged in full (minus material costs).

Changes in group size 
Changes in the number of participants must be notified 3 days before the confirmed date. If changes are not notified then the customer shall have no claim to reduce or increase the number of tour participants nor to a refund on the number of admission tickets booked.

If the number of participants on the date of the visit is higher than the number booked, the actual number of participants will be charged. If the number of participants is reduced, the Vereinigte Domstifter reserves the right to charge the tour or activity price for the number of participants originally booked (minus materials). In this event, the booking confirmed by the visitor centre shall be binding.

Late arrivals 
The booking confirmed by the visitor centre is binding in regard to your visit (date and time). We can only guarantee your visit, guided tour or activity at the confirmed time of the booking. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your claim to performance of contract shall lapse. If the guided tour or activity does not happen as a result, the customer will still be liable to pay 80% of the agreed tour fee.

The right to view the institutions of the Vereinigte Domstifter shall remain intact. Access shall be granted subject to the capacity limits for the spaces or any events taking place.

If possible and following agreement with the relevant persons, the tour may still take place, subject to payment of the full price, either in an abbreviated or, depending on the availability of staff and subject to a surcharge (15.00 euros per guide for each ½ hour period started), in an extended form. The customer cannot file any claim regarding this ex gratia payment.

Payment (admission and tour/activity costs) can be paid on site by cash or card, or may be paid on invoice. If paying on invoice, a voucher must be presented (declaring that the travel company is covering the relevant costs).

Invoices are sent out by the Vereinigte Domstifter at the start of the following month at the latest. When invoicing countries outside Europe an additional charge of 7.00 euros will be charged in bank fees for invoices up to 2,500.00 euros.

Entitlement to lead guided tours and activities
Within all sites of the Vereinigte Domstifter zu Merseburg und Naumburg und des Kollegiatstifts Zeitz guided tours, museum educational activities and explanatory visits may only be led by persons authorised by the Vereinigte Domstifter.

The Vereinigte Domstifter shall only be liable in the event of a breach of contract in regard to the statutory provisions in the case of misconduct or gross negligence.

Final provisions 
Amendments and addendums to these terms and conditions require the written form. The place of jurisdiction for both contractual parties is Naumburg.

Should one of the provisions in these terms and conditions be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Where provisions do not form part of the contract or are ineffective, the content of this contract shall be based on the statutory provisions.

Naumburg, March 2020

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