No Barriers


Merseburg Cathedral is accessible for wheelchair users from the Northern side of the courtyard via a ramp. The nave is even and allows a view of the upper-located East choir. An additional ramp allows access to the cloister.

The Cathedral treasury in the South cloister ensures that every visitor can watch the documentary about the history of the Cathedral. Wheelchair users can access this via a special platform.


Visually-impaired and hearing-impaired

The audio guide offers detailled information about Merseburg Cathedral and its highlights, such as the Ladegast organ, the chapters and other works of art. The chapter house itself, with all of its outstanding art and cultural treasures, is illustrated too.

The model of the cathedral in the porch gives a good view and explanation of the cathedral’s structure.

You can also book our guided tours as a group with deaf or hearing-impaired people. Please bring a sign language interpreter with you on the tour.

Plain language

We also offer a guided tour of the cathedral given in plain language.
Please call if you would like to book a tour.

Tel.: +49 (0) 3 46 1 – 21 00 45

Our website is also written in plain language.
It explains:
What can you see at Merseburg Cathedral?
What tours are available?
What is the KinderDomusMerseburch?
What else can you find on our website?
Click here to read the website in plain language.

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