Guided Tours for School Trips

Our school tours are customed according to the pupil's age and their curriculum on special topics, which can be comined with educational projects of the KinderDomusMerseburch. Every tour can be enhanced with other tour offers, for example the tours through the garden or the towers.

We advise booking on time with a notice about the class level and are happy to help you at our Visitor Centre.

Please bring a list of all participants with name, address and telephone number to the tour. Please also note that all tours are in German. You can, however, bring an individual translator with you.

Classic school tour

The Merseburg Cathedral is an impressive witness and important location of German history. Whether it be Otto the Great or Emperor Henry II, Rudolf von Rheinfelden or Thilo von Trotha - all of them are closely connected to the cathedral's history. On our school tour we track down both crucial historicals events and protagonists of the Middle Ages, which left their mark on Merseburg Cathedral. Mystical treasures like the Merseburg Incantations or the mummified hand make history alive.

Duration: approx. 45 min
Costs: 20.00 € tour fee plus 2.50 € admission fee (one teacher and one attending person for free)

A different view of the cathedral

What for are a water bottle, a dragon and a crown in a cathedral? Many big and small things play a role on our unique cathedral exploration. Often, small details tell us incredibly much about big historical events, myths and legends or the impressive achievements of medieval cathedral builders. Together we go on a hunt after hidden stories inside the cathedral.

Duration: approx. 45 min
Costs: 20.00 € tour fee plus 2.50 € admission fee (one teacher and one attending person for free)

The Merseburg Incantations

Does magic exist? Over 1,000 years ago, people believed in wonders and attributed great power to their words and their gods. The Merseburg Cathedral keeps a treasure that dates back to this time and is unique in the world: the Merseburg Incantations are the only preserved Germanic spells in Germany. We visit the locations where the incantations were found and explain to the pupils how people lived, worked and spoke back then. 

Duration: approx. 45 min
Costs: 20.00 € tour fee plus 2.50 € admission fee (one teacher and one attending person for free)

Audio guide for children

Our chatty Merseburg raven audio guides the pupils through the history of Merseburg Cathedral. Full of excitement, awe and pride, he talks about fascinating old times. The audio guide begins with a short animated movie about the "Story of the Old Stone", which tells of emperors and kings of the time around the cathedral's building, 1,000 years ago. Important historical personalities themselves report about their times in Merseburg. Together with the Merseburg raven, children discover our treasures like the bronze grave of Rudolf of Rheinfelden, solve the riddle of the mummified hand and listen to the sound of the Merseburg Incantations. Even Bishop Thilo von Trotha has a guest appearance and reveals the secret behind the famous raven legend.

Duration of the children’s audio guide: approx. 45 min
Language: German



Many adventures can be found inside a 1,000-year-old cathedral, and along the way, much can be learned about live in the Middle Ages, the deeds of important emperors and biships and the craftsmanship of medieval master builders. The projects at KinderDomusMerseburch always include a tour of the cathedral and a creative project according to the agreed topics. This gives the opportunity of teaching numerous subjects, like History, German, Religion, Art, Biology, Mathematics and General Studies, in a vivid way. The diverse projects are always customised depending on teaching guidelines and age of the pupils.


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