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Here we answer all of your question about our donation projects.

Merseburg Cathedral is owned by the Vereinigte Domstifter zu Merseburg und Naumburg und des Kollegiatstifts Zeitz, a non-profit foundation under public law. It does not benefit from church tax income. The income we receive is used to maintain the church buildings and preserve works of art.

As the property of a charitable foundation under public law, the cathedral receives no church tax revenue. The foundation's budget only provides the funds for the most important running costs.

Since the majority of the monetary assets have already been lost in forced war bonds during the First World War and as a result of inflation, the foundation's budget must be replenished every year. In addition to small proceeds from real estate and leases, income from tourism (admissions, cathedral shops) accounts for more than two thirds of the annual income.

Our diverse projects, especially in the field of structural maintenance, require many times our annual income. We can only raise these additional funds thanks to the support of numerous sponsors and private donors.

Help us to preserve Merseburg Cathedral and its unique cultural treasures for posterity. Every donation helps to secure the structural substance, to continue the research of the cultural treasures or to enable cultural projects, for example in the field of museum education. 

Use our form for online donations, here you can donate easily and safely in a few minutes. With a permanent donation you help with one click to maintain and preserve Naumburg Cathedral.

Vereinigte Domstifter use your data exclusively for the purpose of preserving Naumburg Cathedral. Your data will not be sold, rented or passed on in any other form to other organisations or given to companies for commercial purposes. Your data is protected by us. Also online: Your data is transmitted via a secure, encrypted Internet connection (SSL). You can find more information in our Privacy statement.

Of course, this is our promise. We will use your donation exclusively for the maintenance and preservation of Naumburg Cathedral. The project donations will be used for the respective projects for which you have donated.

It depends on which payment method you have chosen:

With Klarna/Sofortüberweisung there are no transaction costs, we receive 100% of your donation.

With PayPal, 1.5 % of your donation and 0.35€ per transaction will go to PayPal as a processing fee. This means that 95 % of your donation goes to us if you donate € 10, and 98 % if you donate € 50.

If you pay by direct debit or credit card, this is done via the payment provider Stripe. For each direct debit, 0.35 € of the donation will be retained there as a processing fee. If you pay by credit card, this is 1.4 % of your donation and 0.25 € per transaction.

The donations are not used for administration, but only for the intended donation projects.

Vereinigte Domstifter use the Altruja donation tool. This company has been helping non-profit organisations to collect donations since 2010.

The term Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) in banking refers to the project of a single European payments area for transactions in euros. In this payments area, customers should no longer be able to distinguish between national and cross-border payments. The aim is to facilitate payments between participating countries.

What is the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate?

The SEPA Direct Debit Mandate is the legal legitimation for the collection of SEPA direct debits. It comprises both the consent of the payer (e.g. donor) to collect the payment to the payee (e.g. association) and the order to the payer's own payment service provider to honour the payment.

For your donations you will receive an annual donation confirmation at the beginning of the following year. Should you require a donation receipt beforehand, please let us know, stating your name and address.

We will send the confirmations of donations for the tax office as collective confirmations at the beginning of the following year. 

A simplified donation confirmation is also accepted by tax office in the form of account statements, if your donation is up to € 200. 

A certificate of donation for collections is issued for a group and is not tax deductible by individuals. However, if the individual amounts of the collection can be clearly allocated to individual donors, it is possible to issue an individual donation receipt. Please contact us in case of doubt.



Creating a fundraising page is safe, uncomplicated and quick: Click on the yellow button "Start fundraising campaign now" to access the fundraising form.

Give your fundraising campaign a title - it should be memorable.

Set a donation goal: Remember, even small amounts count.

Explain your reasons: Why do you want to collect donations for Merseburg Cathedral, what do you want to support there?

If you register, you can view and edit your donation campaign at any time. Please enter your name and e-mail address. The password for editing your own fundraising campaign will then be sent to you by e-mail.

Once you have created the page, it will go online. 

A photo helps to make the campaign more personal. To upload a photo, you must log in with your e-mail address and password. 

Say thank you! Formulate a thank you message that the supporter will receive by e-mail.


Active communication via social media like Facebook and Instagram or via Whatsapp is very important for the success of your fundraising campaign.

Use social media to inform your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues that they can get involved in Naumburg Cathedral on your online donation page. Share the link on your Facebook and Instagram page and with your Whatsapp contacts.

Companies can also share the promotion on their own website. Use the "web banner" function for this.

Maintain your donation page regularly and remind your contacts of your campaign.

Also ask your contacts to share the campaign.

Set a good example: be the first to donate to your campaign.  

For example, why not start a fundraising campaign for Merseburg Cathedral? Do you have any questions or are you looking for another way to support the cathedral? Don't hesitate to ask!

Yes, of course, every donation, no matter how small, helps to maintain and preserve the cathedral and to realise our many projects.

On our Donation blog you will find all news about donations and our donation projects.

Contact persons of donation services

Charlotte Tennler
Bastian Borck

Tel.: +49 (0) 3445 23 01 0
Fax: +49 (0) 3445 23 01 110

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